Orange and its Place at the Atlantis Lodge

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15 Sep

Orange and its Place at the Atlantis Lodge

Orange is a cheerful color, isn’t it?

In terms of interior decorating, though, it can be a huge commitment. It seems to be one of those colors people either truly love or deeply hate. It is a possibility, though, that you might just be unsure how you feel about it. Maybe I can sway you!

While yellow is typically a color our guests associate with the Atlantis, thanks to our beloved yellow umbrellas, I happen to love the color orange and I’m guessing that love is hereditary. My grandfather (A.C. Hall, whom we lovingly call “Pops”) has used the color orange for as long as I can remember. If you have come to stay with us at the Atlantis Lodge I am certain you have noticed the presence of orange. It is featured on many of the original decorative pieces and as noted in Our State Magazine, “The Atlantis isn’t retro. It’s authentic.”

Orange is displayed on the Knoll Bertoia Diamond Chairs in the guest rooms…


Some of the original pendant lamps still hang…


Even on one of the newest orange additions, the patio umbrella


But, my personal favorite isn’t visible to all or our guests. Pop’s alcove office in his apartment…


Pops isn’t just a lover of orange. He loves to use all colors. With a long history in design, he has a well-developed sense of style.

He studied at N.C. State’s School of Design for three years and gained his master’s degree in City Planning from Chapel Hill. He became Raleigh City planner in 1952 and worked in that position until 1980. He designed their home in Raleigh in which my dad, uncles and aunt were raised. In 1960 he began the vision and design of the Atlantis Lodge. They began welcoming guests in 1962 and by 1973 all of the buildings were complete as it stands today. He had a hand in designing every square foot which is yet another reason this hotel is so close to our hearts.

He didn’t only design buildings and cities; he would even design and make clothes for my grandmother. I have clear memories of complimenting her on her halter-top (a style that I was way too young to wear at the time, but loved!) and she responded, “Why thank you! Pops made it for me!”

His vision and design for the Atlantis Lodge and its surrounding grounds has stood the test of time, orange and all. I am so grateful for it. I always think of Pops whenever I pick the color orange, which is quite often… even in my own home.

Atlantis Lodge is a premier oceanfront hotel on the Crystal Coast that is pet friendly. A boutique hotel located in Pine Knoll Shores near Atlantic Beach on the Southern Outer Banks, it has been called a “true treasure”.

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