Summer Vacation With Your Pet: Tips for Traveling with Your Four-Legged Friend

vacation with your pet
25 Jun

Summer Vacation With Your Pet: Tips for Traveling with Your Four-Legged Friend

Atlantic Beach vacations aren’t just for the two-legged anymore. If you’re looking to turn your canine (or any other household pet) into a roadie, we’ve got tips to make the trip to our pet-friendly hotel as smooth as possible.

Test trip. Before taking your pet on a long trip, try to take some shorter drives to see how your pet reacts. You don’t want to embark on your journey only to find out your pet gets anxious or car sick on road trips. Please remember that our region is known for summer thunderstorms. If your dog is anxious around thunder, Thundershirts work wonders to reduce anxiety. They also help for those pets who get nervous on car rides.

All paws inside the car. Your pet may enjoy hanging out of the window on your road trips, but riding like this could cause damage to the ear or even cause lung infections, according to the ASPCA. While it’s fun to have them close to us, it’s best to harness your pets or keep them in a crate in case of an accident.

Prepare for the worst. Sometimes pets can be a little too curious. Attach a second tag to your pet’s collar including the address and phone number of our hotel in Atlantic Beach in case they get lost. Also, it may be a good idea to bring any medical records for your pet in case of an emergency.

Pit stops. Stopping every 2-3 hours is advised when traveling with your pet. It lets them use the bathroom and get a little exercise so they don’t become too antsy in the car. Also, with this summer heat, it’s crucial that you don’t leave your pet in the vehicle – even for a minute – unless the car is running and the air conditioning is on.

Water. Bring a gallon of cold water to keep on-hand so your pet can stay hydrated during your trip. The dry recycled air in the car can also cause dehydration.

Don’t leave them alone. On an 85-degree day, the inside of a car with the windows cracked can reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes. The summer months are hot and humid in Atlantic Beach and can be particularly harmful, or even deadly, to pets. Make sure you take them with you every place you are able but if you’re looking for some pet-free time (we know, it rarely happens) they are welcome to stay cool in your Atlantis Lodge room unless they are anxious about being left alone. Some animals, when left alone and scared, can cause damage to the room or bark and unintentionally bother the neighboring guests.

Behavioral changes are common. We can’t tell you how many times we hear, “Our dog never acts like this at home.” It’s important to remember that while you’re looking for a relaxing vacation and are happy to be away from home, they can feel uneasy in new and unfamiliar settings – some can even feel abandoned – resulting in behavioral changes. Unfortunately, this means you may have to come back from dinner or the beach to “rescue” your fur baby. This doesn’t mean your fur baby isn’t safe or unwelcome, it just means you have to keep your pet with you at all times.

Save the dogs and our dunes. July 4th is a time for celebration but it’s important to remember that fireworks of ANY type are NOT ALLOWED anywhere close to the Atlantis. It might sound like fun with the family but the furry family members are often terrified by the noise. Not to mention, it’s a fire hazard for our beloved dunes. So save the dogs and the dunes and please avoid fireworks around the property.


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